Installation of neural-style

Installation of basic packages

Installation of the Lua programming language

Installation of LuaRocks (package manager for Lua modules)

Installation of LuaJIT (just-in-time compiler for Lua)

Installation of Torch
(Software framework for scientific computing and machine learning. The script language is based on Lua)

Alternative installation of Lua and Torch

Starting Torch and verifying the installation

Typing exit will close the Torch shell

Installation of loadcaffe
(package for neural networks)

Updating packages

Create new directory

Switch to directory

Installation of neural-style

Switch to neural-style directory and download models

Installation of CUDA drivers

The system must then be booted

Installation of CUDA backend for Torch

cuDNN implementation
To download cuDNN, you need to register with Nvidia’s developer portal:

The package is unzipped, copied and installed in the next step

Installation of neural-style
Working with neural-style
Style Transfer for Video Clips
Alternative Techniques